iPipeline, a cloud-based software solutions provider, has rolled out an electronic signature solution dubbed as AlphaTrust e-Sign for insurance and financial services industries.

The new e-signature easily integrates with existing applications and automates the processing of high-volume documents and slashes operational expenses while enhancing the customer experience.

iPipeline CEO Tim Wallace said: “Buyers of e-signature automation need to consider a holistic platform approach. They should ensure the selected solution delivers the desired levels of control, predictability and speed to digitise and automate document and signature processes. AlphaTrust e-Sign excels in this category.

“AlphaTrust e-Sign supports simple or complex workflows, a definable user interface to match application and branding needs, strong support for application connectivity and integration, scalability to millions of transactions, robust security, and legal, regulatory and other compliance requirements.”

iPipeline claims that its AlphaTrust e-Sign is flexible, compliant, brand-able and proven e-Signature solution.

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, iPipeline maintains its offices in Bromley (UK), Cheltenham (UK), Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Ontario (CA), Philadelphia, Huntersville, Pleasanton, and Salt Lake City.