26 Aug 2020

Removing uncertainty from digital transformation in the Middle Office

Ceall O’Dunlaing, Chief Technical Officer at Financial Risk Solutions, unpacks the complexities of enterprise technology transformation and demonstrates how the continuous deployment practices are reducing the risks of software upgrades and improvements in the…

26 Aug 2020 By Financial Risk Solutions

09 Jan 2020

Insurance digitisation: from threat to key leverage

Digitization breaks the traditional insurance distribution model into pieces. But it can also move those same pieces back into place. Insurance agents are a tough bunch. Even though they’ve been…

09 Jan 2020 By Comarch

Costs and Charges for Policyholders and Members

IDD plus DC Independent Governance Committee reports, post-sale PRIIPs in another guise.. New regulations in the life and pensions industry will require considerable work by providers to remain compliant. Finding…

03 Sep 2019 By FRS

03 Sep 2019

One platform for a complete protection journey

Society’s growing reliance on digital technology is not only reshaping customer expectations but also redefining industries. From mobile phones to tablets and laptops, customers demand access to all areas of their…

03 Sep 2019 By iPipeline