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Insurance market eyes uncertainty following Brexit vote
24 June, 2016 Insurance businesses were hit by the Brexit vote as shares fell heavily across the sector today, with shares in Aviva down 17% at the opening of business.
  • Prudential quits annuity market
    23 June, 2016 Prudential will no longer offer its annuities on the open market but will continue offering contracts to existing customers.
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Research reveals protection insurance still viewed as expensive luxury
17 June, 2016 A report released today from The Syndicate, a research arm of UK protection insurance consultancy Protection Review, shows that a third (33%) of people without cover view protection insurance as a luxury they can’t afford.
  • Low-cost innovators to ‘chip away’ at insurers
    15 June, 2016 The insurance industry is at the start of a cycle where bits of the industry will be eaten away by low-cost innovative providers, according to Alex Dunsdon is co-founder of The Bakery, a corporate accelerator.
  • DNB’s tough Solvency II interpretation ‘dams’ Dutch insurers
    18 May, 2016 Timetric insurance analyst Jay Patel tells Life Insurance International how the Dutch financial regulator’s relatively rigid interpretation of the Solvency II framework is impacting life insurers in the Netherlands, who have considerable exposure...
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Innovation, inertia and insurance
14 June, 2016 Andrew Wibberley, director of Alea Risk, which works with insurers and distributors to improve processes and practices, explains why innovation in insurance can feel like a seminal rock concert or sporting event. It occurs about once a decade, and...
  • Dealing with disintermediation
    07 June, 2016 The growing feeling from insurance companies is that they are increasingly finding themselves completely disintermediated from the end customer, according to Mark Broadhurst, European sales director at insurance software provider Intellect SEEC....
  • How Biological Age May Affect Life Expectancy Calculation
    23 May, 2016 Francisco Garcia, Gen Re Life/Health General Manager, Madrid, explains that standard remaining life expectancy is based on nothing more than current chronological age (and perhaps gender). In Garcia's view, this is only a very crude estimate as it...
  • Big Data: What’s the big deal?
    04 May, 2016 Robert Gothan, CEO and founder of business process management specialist Accountagility, argues that instead of concerning themselves about missing out on the Big Data bandwagon, insurers should concentrate on maximising their ‘little data’ in...
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