Health engagement company Tictrac has gained a further £6m ($7.52m) in funding. Total investment to date has reached £13.5m for the firm.

The funding round was led by Puma Private Equity and will allow Tictrac to expand its employee wellbeing platform.

In a bid to tackle increasing stress levels and health problems in the workplace, Tictrac is already working with over a thousand employees globally.

Furthermore, it wants to scale its Enterprise platform, which enables insurance companies and health providers to engage their customers in their health. In addition, they can tailor relevant products and services.

The Tictrac platform combines personalised content with dynamic, themed lifestyle challenges, programmes and incentives to deliver meaningful behaviour change.

Additionally, the platform has been designed to fit into an individual’s daily lifestyle. It utilises behavioural science to identify trigger points where extra motivation may be required and provides inspirational content. These include fitness, yoga, and other training videos, meditiation and mindfulness, easy recipes and blog posts.

Martin Blinder, CEO and founder of Tictrac, said: “Now more than ever, companies have a greater role and responsibility in supporting the health of their workforce.

“And while businesses are focused on sustaining retention and productivity – particularly with so many people working remotely – they are now tasked with trying to navigate health issues such as burn-out and striking a healthy work-life balance. This drove our motivation to launch our Employee Wellbeing platform, it’s playing such a critical role in supporting businesses in unifying their teams to create a happy, healthy and engaged workforce.

“The funding has allowed us to bring this product to market and move to the next phase of our business. The aim at Tictrac is to inspire people to become more accountable for their own health and change the way people look after themselves, for good. We’re confident our Employee Wellbeing platform will help achieve that.”

Founded in 2010, Tictrac has partnered with some of the world’s largest healthcare and insurance providers. Companies involved include Aviva, Allianz and Prudential.