Lemonade, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered insurtech firm has expanded its Lemonade Car offering into Texas, US.

The company will now offer its telematics-enabled car insurance as well as its complete range of insurance products, including renters, homeowners, pet, car, and life, in the state.

Telematics provides drivers with built-in safety features, such as round-the-clock on-site roadside assistance and real-time crash detection.

It also provides discounts to drivers for their environment-friendly decisions, including owning a hybrid or electric vehicle and low-mileage driving.

Lemonade co-CEO and cofounder Shai Wininger said: “Texas presents an incredible opportunity for us not only because of its sheer market size, but also because it’s the latest state to feature every one of Lemonade’s products, continuing our strategy of growing with our customers.

“We’ve seen more than 50% increase in bundled customers in markets where we offer Lemonade Car, and we can’t wait to give the tens of thousands of customers on our Texas waiting list a chance to see why people love Lemonade Car so much.”

With Lemonade, users can file claims in minutes, get tow services when required and emergency EV battery recharge, as well as the ability to track body shop work, repairs.

New and existing customers can also get discounts while bundling various Lemonade services, along with better rates and coverage for using electric vehicles and hybrid cars, the firm stated.

Besides, low-mileage drivers can get rewards with lower insurance rates.