Accessing information on the move is increasingly becoming
accepted as the norm, a trend that is being accelerated by the
advent of smartphones such as Apples’ iPhone.

Viewing this trend as an opportunity to deliver enhanced services,
Generali France, a unit of Italian insurer Generali Group, has
teamed up with consulting and technology services provider
Accenture to develop an iPhone application to meet the needs of
financial advisors serving life insurance customers.

To be made available at the beginning of 2010, the iPhone
application will provide Generali France’s financial advisors
real-time access through their mobile device to their client
portfolio. In addition, they will be able to access detailed
information for each client account, including savings, payment
history, investment portfolios and the financial performance of
each fund in which savings are invested.

“Following an Accenture workshop on how changes in consumer
behaviour are driven by the increased usage of smartphones,
Generali France decided to work with the company to develop
concrete business applications for its life insurance operations,”
commented Stéphane Dedeyan, a member of the board of management of
Generali France.

She added: “This new application for iPhone will be particularly
helpful to our financial advisers, who are looking for innovative
ways to stay close to their clients.”

A business-to-consumer version of the application will also be made
available for the clients of Generali France’s financial advisors
and for the direct clients of Generali France’s internet subsidiary
that will provide them with direct access to their own

Additional features to the application are in the pipeline and
include news alerts and a savings simulator.

A general insurance version which would enable Generali France’s
clients to manage their claims from declaration to settlement is
being studied by Generali France.