The Exeter, a UK-based mutual healthcare and protection insurer, is set to foray into the impaired lives market.

To cater the needs of the higher risk customers, the Exeter is in the process of making changes to the cover offered by its ‘Managed Life’ plan to include people with health conditions who may face difficulty in obtaining life insurance protection.

Managed Life, which was rolled out earlier this year, is aimed principally at people with type two diabetes and a high body-mass index (BMI).

Now, the protection specialist aims to extend the plan to cover type one diabetes and people with a higher body-mass index (BMI).

The Exeter director of distribution and marketing Steve Bryan said: “Recent developments in the impaired lives market have left a hole which advisers may have struggled to fill.

“For clients who are unable to get cover with mainstream protection insurers, advisers may have been forced to compromise on the cover they can offer. This is a natural extension for The Exeter and our recently launched Managed Life plan.

“Building further on its success will ensure that quality, affordable life cover is available to additional segments of the population who have a real need, but were at risk of being underserved by the market.”