GlobalData research has found the top influencers in insurtech based on their performance and engagement online. Using research from GlobalData’s Influencer platform, Life Insurance International has named ten of the most influential people and companies in insurtech on Twitter during Q4 2020.

Biggest influencers in insurtech: The top ten in Q4 2020

1. Spiros Margaris (@SpirosMargaris)

Spiros Margaris is a board member and member of the executive committee of stc pay, a financial services firm. He joined as an advisory board member of GENTWO in 2021, which provides securitisation as a service to its B2B clients through a customised issuance vehicle that helps in securitising all bankable and non-bankable assets.

Margaris is also an advisor and board member of Margaris Ventures, a venture  and private equity firm since 2010 and is the first international influencer to achieve ‘The Triple Crown’ ranking.

Twitter followers: 103,150

GlobalData influencer score: 100

2. Dr Robin Kiera (@stratorob)

Dr Robin Kiera is the personal and virtual speaker at, a consulting and marketing agency focussing on insurance and finance related best practices, and tech and business trends across the globe. He specialises in the areas such as business consulting, brand and marketing consulting.

Kiera more recently is also the ambassador for female founders in insurtech 2020 at Quesnay, a management consulting firm, and at the Open Voice Network, an information technology and services company.

Twitter followers: 31,738

GlobalData influencer score: 96

3. Andreas Staub (@andi_staub)

Anderas Staub is the head of corporate development and digital transformation at Raiffeisen Group, a Switzerland-based banking group. He specialises in areas such as insurtech, innovation, fintech, behavioural economics, big data, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Staub also served as managing partner at FehrAdvice & Partners AG, a management consultancy firm.

Twitter followers: 59,394

GlobalData influencer score: 76

4. Mike De Waal (@globaliqx)

Mike De Waal is the founder and president of Global IQX, an AI-driven group insurance procurement technology platform for renewal underwriting and new businesses. He specialises in areas such as sales best practices, underwriting, employee benefits, administration and transformation of group insurance, and worksite businesses in the US and Canada.

Waal previously served as the founder and president of ConnectInsure, an e-commerce exchange platform for brokers and consultants, and as an employee benefits consultant at the MD Benefits Group, an employee benefits consultancy firm.

Twitter followers: 9,162

GlobalData influencer score: 74

5. Minh Q Tran (@Minh_Q_Tran)

Minh Q Tran currently serves as the managing partner at Mandalore Partners, a venture capital and private equity firm building assets for mid-sized companies and corporations. He specialises in investing, and in building strategies with portfolio companies, thereby helping them scale.

Tran also serves as the managing partner at Insurtech Capital, a fund dedicated to the insurance company, Groupe APICIL, and its partners.

Twitter followers: 34,475

GlobalData influencer score: 59

6. Matteo Carbone (@MCins_)

Matteo Carbone is the founder and director of the IoT Insurance Observatory, an insurance company focused on promoting innovation in the insurance sector. He is a renowned insurance strategist specialising in insurance innovation.

Carbone also serves as the non-executive director and chairman of the innovation advisory board at Net Insurance, an insurance firm providing protection solutions to individuals and businesses, and as the global ambassador of the Italian Insurtech Association.

Twitter followers: 39,594

GlobalData influencer score: 56

7. Florian Semle (@floriansemle)

Florian Semle is the CEO of Digital Clarity, a company offering network communication consultancy services. He is a digital transformer who looks to drive digital change and improve communications.

Semle has also worked in other capacities such as a communications lead at Allianz X GmbH, a venture capital and private equity firm, and the digital investment division of the Allianz Group.

Twitter followers: 9,130

GlobalData influencer score: 53

8. Florian Graillot (@FGraillot)

Florian Graillot is the founding partner of astroyaVC, a France-based venture capital fund that invests in tech start-ups with technologies that can realise the next insurance generation. He specialises in areas such as investment and financial modelling, entrepreneurship, business development, and strategy analysis.

Graillot is also an advisor to The Open Insurance Initiative (Open Insurance), which promotes application programming interface (API) technology in the insurance sector, and more recently joined as mentor at The Israeli Insurtech Accelerator, a venture capital and private equity firm.

Twitter followers: 38,655

GlobalData influencer score: 52

9. Nick Bilodeau (@FinMktg)

Nick Bilodeau is the vice president of marketing at Encircle, a real-time documentation and productivity tools provider for the insurance and restoration industries. He is an expert in financial services, with a passion for innovation, strategy, and marketing.

Bilodeau also serves as the executive director at Quantum, an information technology and services company, and previously served as the global head of marketing and brand experience at RGAX, an insurance firm.

Twitter followers: 53,815

GlobalData influencer score: 49

10. Sabine Vanderlinden (@SabineVdL)

Sabine Vanderlinden is the co-founder, CEO, and managing partner at Alchemy Crew, a company focussed on accelerating and de-risking insurers and financial services institutions’ ability to scale. She specialises in corporate venturing, whether related to insurtech, wealth tech, fintech, green tech or health tech.

Sabine is also the director of The Proposition Circle, a corporate venture advisory agency, and an investment partner and advisor to Redsand Ventures, an information technology and services company.

Twitter followers: 17,195

GlobalData influencer score: 49


GlobalData’s influencer identification framework identifies influencers based on relevance; size of network, connections and followers; engagement levels with their content and analysis and input from sector experts. Influencers are then evaluated on a series of specific topic-related keywords used over the period and weighted by engagement metrics.