New York start-up health insurer, Oscar, has recruited Joel Klein as its chief policy and strategy officer.
Klein previously reformed the New York City public school system and the New York Post reported that he was more recently CEO of Amplify, an education start-up.

Having pioneered technology and features to improve its members’ experience utilising healthcare, Oscar said Klein "is precisely the kind of leader" who can drive this critical mission forward and help shape and articulate the key policies and messages showing how Oscar is changing the healthcare system for the benefit of consumers.

Over the past year Oscar has also appointed Brian West as its president and chief financial officer and Kevin Campbell as its chief operating officer.

West joined from Nielsen, the global media data and analytics company, where he was chief operating officer and chief financial officer. He will have responsibility for key relationships with our healthcare provider network.

Campbell, meanwhile, runs all of the complex operational processes at Oscar, from claims adjudication to network management and operations.

He was previously head of global delivery at Accenture and co-chief operating officer at Bridgewater Associates, the analytical hedge fund.

While hiring alone does not define success, Oscar said it has over 400 people in technology and healthcare in its team.

Founded in 2012, Oscar was created for consumers after the Affordable Care Act in the US. Oscar insures people who do not get insurance from their job or through Medicaid and Medicare.

It currently offers plans in parts of New York, New Jersey, California, and Texas and is continuing to expand. With 125,000 members in four states across the US, Oscar says it is the first insurer to give members free tele-visits, and the first "viral" health insurer, with a third of new members referred by friends.