Royal London Group, one of the largest mutual insurers in the UK, has awarded a five-year contract to Japanese technology firm Fujitsu to modernize its IT infrastructure.

In accordance with terms of the deal, Fujitsu will host Royal London’s Virtual Machine Environment (VME) operating system and offer the operations support functions, processing of applications and development services.

Additionally, the Tokyo-headquartered technology firm will enable Royal London to maintain its high level of customer service and make the applications more agile and efficient.

While Royal London was looking for low risk, cost effective solution to upgrade its IT system, it found that Fujitsu’s expertise in this area can offer a secure and reliable long term service while helping the insurer to continue its focus on IT modernization.

Royal London chief technology officer Andy McGarrie said: "The customer experience is our primary focus. On this application, we have an estimated 1.5million policies to service.

"Our main concern was ensuring that customers are not adversely affected, either during the transition of the hosting of the mainframe, or through the continued support.

"By handing over the support of this IT platform to Fujitsu, we can also ensure that we focus on driving technological innovation within the business – allowing us to truly adopt a ‘hybrid’ approach, maintaining legacy where needed and driving innovation where possible."

Royal London offers mutual life, pensions and investment services in the UK.