’s insurtech coverage division Pivot Health is partnering with Crum &Forste subsidiary The North River Insurance Company to market group short-term health insurance plans.

The new short-term health plans are designed to offer various deductible options and the choice between an all-access network or a national PPO network, along with optional supplemental accident insurance.

To help prevent surprise billings, the plans also provide balance bill protection if a provider does not accept the allowable fee determination.

Pivot Health CEO and co-founder Jeff Smedsrud said: “We have named this new product line ‘Epic’ because it really is a game-changer in the short-term medical insurance space.

“By offering more practical benefits for everyday medical care like preventive office visits, childhood immunisations and even mammogram screenings and OB-GYN annual exams, the product offers what many consumers are saying is important to them.”

Short-term health insurance plans ensure medical coverage for a limited period of time to help pay for healthcare expenses.

It is designed to address gaps in health insurance coverage resulting from temporary situations like a time of unemployment or transition to a new job, early retirement or not qualifying for a subsidy on the federal or state marketplace.

Crum &Forster Medical Business Unit head and senior vice president Gary Nidds said: “We’re excited about our relationship with Pivot Health, and the launch of a new short-term medical product that meets the needs of our customers.

“Pivot Health’s advanced and unique use of technology to distribute and deliver temporary and supplemental insurance products was attractive to us from the start.”