Digital bank N26 has extended its Allianz Assistance travel insurance included with N26 You, N26 Business You, N26 Metal and N26 Business Metal to cover epidemic and pandemic related claims.

The move will offer customers cover against trip interruptions if traveling when necessary during the Covid-19 pandemic, with no extra charges.

N26 said that the extension of the travel insurance follows its efforts to accelerate to market to help customers bank and live more confidently during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Trips starting on 19 January or later booked with an N26 You, N26 Business You, N26 Metal or N26 Business Metal card will eligible for the expanded coverage.

It includes coverage for trips canceled or shortened due to an injury or any medical condition or diagnosis of any pandemic diseases, such as Covid-19, to account holder or their traveling companion.

Additionally, customers will be able to claim compensation for trips that are interrupted or cancelled because they or their companion was denied boarding due to exposure to any contagious disease.

They will be also offered emergency hospitalisation or medical treatment if they develop an illness, injury or medical condition during a trip abroad. They will be also able to claim medicine costs, medical transportation, and repatriation assistance, if applicable.

Commenting on the development, N26 chief growth officer Alex Weber said: “Recent N26 research told us that 1 in 3 Europeans (35%) report having to cancel planned travel because of Covid-19 and had to pay out-of-pocket for unexpected changes to their plans.

“Because of this, we have worked to accelerate this addition to the existing Allianz Assistance travel insurance coverage we offer, so that customers who have to travel can do so with added peace of mind, knowing the cover offered takes into consideration the unique situation we find ourselves in today.”

Earlier this month, Allianz inked an eight-year worldwide partnership with the Olympic and Paralympic Movements.