Manulife has expanded its ManulifeMOVE programme – that rewards customers with discounted premiums for living more actively – for consumers in Hong Kong.

It means the ManulifeMOVE programme is adding a cancer treatment benefit to its range of eligible plans. The complimentary fitness tracking device offer for customers who join the programme is also being extended until 31 March 2016.

In addition, ManulifeMOVE members (Mover) will have access to offers at several partnering retail and service providers within Hong Kong’s lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness industries. Merchant offers include benefits and discounts on health food, supplements, sportswear and gym memberships.

Michael Huddart, Manulife’s executive vice president and general manager for Greater China, said: "As a leading advocate for health and wellness in Hong Kong, Manulife is keen to promote healthier living.

User feedback

"Early user feedback has revealed a new generation of insurance customers who want to partner with us in that process and take charge of their own health. By offering meaningful discounts to those who achieve consistent activity goals, we aren’t just rewarding healthy individuals; we are incentivizing lifestyle changes for many who might not otherwise make the effort."

Isabella Lau, senior vice president and chief customer officer for Manulife Asia, said: "Our customer research shows the ManulifeMOVE program has created real interest among our customers, particularly the younger and tech-savvy generation. To keep up the momentum, we are very pleased to be expanding our program through the inclusion of a cancer treatment benefit."

With the ManulifeMOVE program, members are able to unlock different levels of premium discounts based on their annual activity achievements.

For example, participating MOVE members who simply walk 5,000 steps a day on average over the course of a year would automatically earn a 5 per cent premium discount for the next year of coverage.

Increasing the average number of steps to 7,000 per day earns members a 7 per cent premium discount, with a bigger savings of 10 per cent rewarded to Movers who average a minimum of 10,000 steps per day.

To further promote ManulifeMOVE, Manulife is launching a multichannel advertising campaign that spans online videos, digital advertising and social media in addition to TV commercials, print advertising and out-of-home displays across major MTR stations.