American omnichannel insurance firm Integrity Marketing Group has agreed to take over Yellowstone Life Insurance Agency.

Integrity did not reveal the financial terms of the deal. 

Technology-driven Yellowstone Life Insurance Agency specialises in offering life insurance, final expense, and mortgage protection insurance through a network of agents.

Integrity noted that the financial services brokerage has been able to transition to a virtual platform, which will allow Integrity to better meet customer requirements. 

Yellowstone Life Insurance Agency’s president Scott Rumbo and executive vice president Kimberly Rumbo will now join Integrity as managing partners. 

Integrity co-founder and CEO Bryan Adams said: “Integrity’s dynamic partner network and omnichannel insurtech platform help companies like Yellowstone Life Insurance Agency bring out the best in their business. I cannot wait to see the ‘Integrity Effect’ of explosive growth propel Yellowstone Life Insurance Agency into the future, and I am grateful to be part of their success story.”

Scott Rumbo said: “I come from a technology background, so utilising cutting-edge technology to meet client needs has always been core to what we’ve built at Yellowstone Life Insurance Agency. We cannot wait to leverage Integrity’s insurtech resources to help us be more efficient, better manage our agents and become an even stronger business.”

Kimberly Rumbo noted: “Our virtual platform has allowed our agents to be more efficient and made it easier for them to meet clients where they are. Many agents have caught the vision of this virtual model and Integrity’s resources are the piece we need to catapult our growth to the next level.”

Last month, Integrity bought J. Helbig & Company, which offers life insurance and fixed indexed annuities products to federal employees.