Plug and Play has launched its latest accelerator batch for start-ups and insurtech. 35 insurtech companies are signed on.

150 start-ups will be participating in the programme.

The selected firms will participate in a three-month business development programme. They will also have opportunities to meet over 280 corporate partners. Furthermore, they will collaborate with corporations, VCs and other start-ups.

“We strive to bring new ideas into industries in need of innovation,” says Saeed Amidi, Founder and CEO of Plug and Play. “This batch of start-ups will help create new revenue streams for our partners, increase customer satisfaction, and really move these markets forward for the better.”

Who’s in the batch?

The programme covers seven sectors: Enterprise 2.0, Health, Insurtech, Internet of Things, Mobility, Real Estate & Communication, and Travel & Hospitality.

The start-ups taking part in the insurtech accelerator batch are:

  • AISense
  • AkinovA 
  • Buddy 
  • Carrot Rewards 
  • Claimbot 
  • Claimspace  
  • Clearlaw 
  • CyberFortress
  • CyberPolicy
  • CyStellar 
  • Dowsure 
  • Enigma
  • FitBliss 
  • FloodMapp 
  • Grove
  • Healthy Health 
  • In The Car 
  • Insurmi 
  • Koffie 
  • Luminant Analytics 
  • MDGo
  • Bonzah 
  • PAI Health 
  • Pension Benefit Information
  • Planswell 
  • REIN 
  • SkyWatch 
  • Slingshot Aerospace 
  • Stratyfy
  • Surround Insurance 
  • Taloflow 
  • Tensor Flight 
  • The Detection Group 
  • True Flood Risk

Mike Minett, Founder and CEO, Portabl, says: “Joining Plug and Play’s Insurtech Batch is an incredible opportunity to accelerate our launch plans. Millions of freelance, gig and self-employed workers are being left uninsured and unprotected because they don’t have access to the flexible, affordable range of services they need and deserve.

“We’re building a new, global community of people who relish the freedom and variety that the new working world offers, but who don’t want to have their health or wealth compromised by leaving behind the financial and benefits support systems of the traditional corporate world.

“Portabl is going to tap into the massive pool of talented men and women who are consulting, self-employed, freelance or gig economy workers who need insurance and benefits that are fit for purpose for this new world of work.”

Insurtech Europe, Plug and Play’s platform in Germany, has also picked 18 start-ups for its development round.