Dr. Marilyn Orcharton, the founder of Denplan, is helping to roll-out the world’s first insurance plan for the global stem cell industry, CellPlan.

As a preeminent figure in the medical industry with a career spanning five decades, Dr. Orcharton has joined the Board of WideCells Group as a non-executive director.

WideCells has recently launched CellPlan, a first of its kind insurance plan which is looking to make stem cell treatment accessible and affordable by providing financial cover for medical treatment, travel, and accommodation expenses and ensuring access to specialists and hospitals globally.

WideCells CEO Joao Andrade said: "We are extremely pleased to welcome Marilyn to the WideCells team. Having recently launched the world’s first global stem cell healthcare programme, we believe that WideCells is on the cusp of revolutionising an exciting market."

Given her role in establishing Denplan, Andrade said: "Marilyn has unparalleled experience of creating very successful healthcare plans, which generate millions of pounds in revenue and we are therefore confident that she will make a great addition to an already strong team of industry professionals."