Online life insurance provider Beagle Street has launched a TV advertising campaign featuring a humorous talking dog to encourage more people to get life insurance.

The Life Insurance, Simply Done adverts star John, owner to a loyal yet protective talking dog, Jeremy, a Beagle, in a series to emphasise how much people worry about the welfare of their loved ones and how easy it can be to take that worry away with life insurance.

The first advertisement, called ‘Trousers’, shows a worried Jeremy removing any risk to his beloved owner’s life by throwing out all of John’s trousers after hearing that people have died from trouser-related accidents.

The Life Insurance, Simply Done ads have been created by advertising agency VCCP, creators of the famous campaign, and were written by Javier Romartinez, art directed by Stephen Misir and directed by Danny Kleinman. The advert premiered on Friday 1 January.

Matthew Gledhill, managing director at Beagle Street, said: "The advertising campaign is aimed at people who have experienced a major life moment like buying a home, having a baby or getting married, and we hope that John and Jeremy resonate with viewers at home and encourage them to take out life insurance."

Beagle Street is an online life insurance provider and part of the BGL Group, which includes