Health insurer Allianz Worldwide Care has launched a global YouTube advertising 'things

you can't leave behind' expat campaign’ featuring the relationship between a little boy and his dog. 

The video illustrates the challenges of moving to a new country, as seen through the relationship between a little boy and his golden retriever.

The expat health insurer's emotive production opens with a sequence showing a boy and his pet dog playing, eating and napping together.

Meanwhile, his concerned parents start packing up their home as they prepare to relocate. The boy sadly waves goodbye to his dog as they leave for the airport, but it's a happy ending for the family as the pair are reunited in their new country.

Alexis Obligi, director of sales and marketing at Allianz Worldwide Care, said: “This heart-warming clip highlights many of the challenges families face when they make the decision to move abroad; leaving a home they love to find a new one in another country, concern about how their kids will adapt to a new life, and of course, figuring out how to take care of the most important things, from the family dog to your family's health."

The advert was created by Bold and Brave, a creative agency based in Ireland. Caomhán Connolly, managing director, Bold & Brave, said: "With this production we wanted to draw an analogy that would inspire people to think about all the big decisions that go with moving abroad, such as healthcare. We chose to personify the Allianz Worldwide Care offering through the relationship between a boy and his dog. In the boy's world, the dog is everything, one of those things that the family could never move abroad without."

The campaign will run globally on Facebook, YouTube and other online communities.