UK insurtech Zego continues to expand its global footprint, with a new trans-Atlantic partnership set to bring personal lines innovation to the commercial motor sector.

Zego traditionally offers policies designed for the gig economy. These are short-term, flexible policies for contractors and freelancers that can be switched off and on. However, its newly announced policy is aimed at companies with large fleets of commercial vehicles.

The partnership will see Zego offer car rental agency WeFlex a tailor-made pricing model, by analysing the latter’s 700-strong fleet as well as its drivers’ historic behaviour, which will be collected from black boxes. The fleet’s commercial motor policy will be paid through a monthly subscription instead of a large annual premium, in another trend taken from the personal lines market.

A recent high-profile example of this is Aviva Plus, which offers Aviva customers the option to pay for personal home and motor cover through interest-free monthly payments. This is what customers have become used to from other services, with Netflix being a particularly key example of the business model’s appeal. It makes payments easier to stomach for customers who often regard insurance as a sizeable, one-off grudge payment.

Zego has already expanded to France this year, with the help of La Parisienne Assurances, to offer its more traditional gig economy policies. This latest move represents another impressive development for the young startup.

The transference of trends from personal to commercial lines is a well-established process in insurance. Therefore, it was only a matter of time until telematics and monthly payments were utilised in commercial motor policies as well. It looks to be a great fit, with savings set to be scaled up dramatically with WeFlex’s 700 leasable cars, while it also guarantees the insurer a significant amount of business. This is a positive step for both companies which should lead to further innovation and partnerships in the commercial motor sector.