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Chubb’s lithium-ion battery risk consortium is good news for net-zero supply chains

GlobalData forecasts global battery revenue to climb to $168bn by 2030 from just $55bn in 2020.

Motor insurance exits due to rising claims will lead to less choice for consumers

GlobalData’s 2022 UK Insurance Consumer Survey found that Vitality had a negligent share of UK motor insurance, after only entering the market in 2021.

Generative AI can aid insurers in risk management

Insurance verification solution Evident has launched Evie, a generative artificial intelligence (AI) solution for insurance risk management.

Further motor premium hikes will lead to more searching around and switching as consumers are pushed to their limits

Consumers are increasingly looking for cheaper motor insurance policies as inflation continues to see premiums surge and hikes increase.

Younger consumers yet to fully appreciate the financial realities facing them in retirement

A greater proportion of under-30s believe they will have sufficient income to cover their living expenses in retirement than 30–54-year-olds, according to GlobalData surveying.

Sensible Weather’s new travel insurance product may increase uptake of domestic travel insurance

Holidaymakers in the UK can now safeguard their holiday plans by insuring themselves against rain, with Sensible Weather’s travel insurance paying out in the event of a bleak weather forecast.

Demand for private medical insurance continues to attract consumers as NHS waiting list grows

Private medical insurance (PMI) continues to attract more consumers as the NHS backlog grew to 7.6 million in June 2023, according to NHS England.

UK employees reluctant to increase pension contributions

The UK government has little scope to increase minimum pension contributions with UK consumers reluctant to pay more than current levels.

Investors must stay strong on ESG commitments despite political and financial pressures

Pension providers and wealth managers should look to weather the anti-environmental, social, and governance (ESG) storm brewing across the world in favour of the longer-term benefits of more business.

Chubb looking to tackle growing vehicle thefts by distributing vehicle trackers

GlobalData’s 2022 UK Insurance Consumer Survey states that 18.0% of motor insurance customers reported a claim for the theft of a vehicle or its contents in 2022.