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Clean energy insurance patents rise as the net-zero transition accelerates

GlobalData’s Patent Analytics database reveals a notable uptick in patents related to clean energy insurance and carbon capture in recent years.

There is demand for insurance policies covering dysfunctional AI output

In Q1 and Q2 2024, GlobalData asked readers of Life Insurance International whether they would potentially be interested in buying insurance across various areas.

Global electric vehicle market set for huge growth

The key for insurers will be to ensure that they are ready for this transition and be regarded as experts in EV insurance before it is too late.

The UK protection industry will be challenged by the rise of child-free households

According to GlobalData’s 2023 UK Insurance Consumer Survey, 10.5% of term assurance policyholders bought their policy either because they had their first child or a new addition to the family.

Sharing data from telematic devices can provide several benefits for SMEs

GlobalData’s 2023 UK SME Insurance Survey found that SMEs rank improved safety measures (22.3%) as the most important feature of usage-based insurance.

UK election manifestos unlikely to alter demand for PMI

Private healthcare is becoming more expensive, and insurers have passed on costs to policyholders.

Allianz and Income Insurance will boost competition in Singapore

The synergies between Income and Allianz could establish them as a significant player in the Singapore insurance market.

NFTs and the metaverse will bring new opportunities for insurers

The poll revealed that Life Insurance International readers would be most interested in buying insurance for personal cyber, but NFTs and the metaverse received a combined 52.0% of the poll.

UK brokers are increasingly focusing on developing cyber insurance products

According to GlobalData, 25% of UK commercial brokers are interested in developing cyber insurance products for their existing clients in 2024, up from 18.2% in 2023.