Thomas listed the three ingredients for success at the 2015 Protection Review Conference at the Landmark Hotel in London.

Speaking to a packed audience where the discussion was lively, Thomas agreed with previous speakers that new distribution models will grow the protection insurance market.

Thomas said VitalityLIfe recognised the need to take a different approach in the UK protection market after conducting thorough consumer research.

This approach has led Vitality to build a profile – featuring Stanley the Dachshund dog – which according to Thomas is a brand the UK can resonate with.

VitalityLIfe’s strategy of incentivising consumers has gained plaudits in the UK market and Thomas told the audience that the player’s business strategy has worked with new business growth, an increase in income protection sales and attracting new people to the market.

Thomas concluded by telling the audience: "It will take time, so believe in what you are doing. As long as the customer is at the heart of what you are doing, the dividends will pay off."