Global health insurance provider Aetna International has signed a strategic partnership deal with Humanis, a French insurer that currently has 700,000 corporate clients.

Aetna said the partnership will increase access to global healthcare services for large corporations and French expats around the world, while also expanding Aetna International’s already-growing global reach.

The partnership will offer Humanis’ existing members Aetna International’s medical network and range of solutions.

This includes better control of healthcare costs in the US for Humanis’ members, as well as a healthcare solution that meets regulatory requirements in the UAE.

The partnership will enable an easier customer journey through a single sign-up process, a single point of contact, and overall consistency in the services offered.

It will also increase Aetna International’s footprint in continental Europe with an expansion into the French market, guided by Humanis’ local expertise and understanding of the French government.

Richard di Benedetto, CEO of Aetna International, said: “This partnership is part of our strategy to provide local services to our members worldwide, while adapting to national and regional disparities. We look forward to working together with Humanis on improving quality and access to healthcare for our members around the world”