Financial Risk Solutions (FRS), award-winning provider of the fund administration software Invest|Pro™ has announced the addition of a Continuous Deployment service to reduce the risk of implementations and upgrades for new and existing clients. The new software delivery capability is used by almost half of FRS clients in the global life assurance, asset and wealth management markets.

With unprecedented growth in Assets Under Management, up-to-date technology is vital to ensure operational efficiencies and regulatory compliance. Continuous Deployment is an agile approach to software development that improves the overall quality, accuracy and delivery.

FRS’ Continuous Deployment service allows their DevOps team to work with clients and carry out early testing on the latest version of Invest|Pro™ without consuming the resources of the client’s infrastructure team, and crucially, removing any uncertainty in upgrades. For new implementations, the service ensures compatibility with a client’s existing technology infrastructure before deployment of Invest|Pro™.

Ceall O’Dunlaing, Chief Technology Officer at FRS, said:

“Unlike many industries where software has a wide user base, and the more obscure faults are little more than an annoyance, for financial companies the smallest code defect can result in significant financial loss, reputational damage or regulatory fines. Our clients control over $300 billion Assets Under Management daily using InvestPro, so it’s easy to see why their fault tolerances are close to zero.

We understand that InvestPro is one part of a client’s technology stack and that interoperability is key to success for all. By offering Continuous Deployment we are able to lower the entire system risk for clients and ensure our software continues to deliver the compliance capabilities and efficiency gains expected of us.”