Canada’s independent insurance brokers Westland Insurance has launched digital platform, Westland Express Insurance Services Limited.

Westland Express combines Westland Insurance’s two Canadian digital insurance brokerages – ZipSure Insurance Brokers and Nuera Insurance, that were acquired last year.

The new platform is intended to offer an improved digital consumer experience in purchasing and managing insurance online.

Westland Express allows customers to seamlessly quote for tenant, home, condo, pet, and travel insurance, with transparent coverage and price options.

Westland Express vice-president James Malcolm said: “Over 65,000 tenants agree  – we’ve made tenant insurance better, and we’re just getting started! We pioneered the digital tenant insurance experience with our instant Ziptenant insurance solution, designed to provide affordable pricing, no cancellation fees, simplicity, and no long-term commitments.”

Westland Express has partnered with Canadian landlords, property managers, realtors, mortgage brokers, and other rental property management organisations.

This allows Westland Express to provide a convenient online platform to allow partners’ tenants to purchase insurance. It will also provide a self-serve portal to allow them to log in and access real-time reports, anytime and from any device.

Malcolm added: “ZipSure and Nuera are synonymous with being successful leaders in the digital online insurance space and we’re excited to bring their capabilities together as Westland Express.

“We look forward to building upon our strong relationships with our partners by offering real-time notifications, seamless service, technology platform integration options, and exceptional products.”