UK private medical insurer VitalityHealth has launched a ‘healthy business discount’ for small businesses with two to nine insured employees.

The proposition provides small businesses with the opportunity to get a discount for a fully comprehensive healthcare plan combined with benefits, such as reduced price gym membership and free health checks.

For businesses to have access to the new scheme, Vitality will liaise directly with employees and will ask two simple questions about their medical and claims history.

The business will receive a 25% discount on the price of their health insurance if they answer no to both questions. Companies can still benefit from a 10% discount even if employees answer no to the question about their medical history, but have not made a claim.

Digital software investment

As part of the proposition, VitalityHealth has invested in digital software by working with DocuSign to enable members to respond quickly and securely via their smart phones, tablets or PCs removing the burden of administration from their employer.

Commenting on the initiative, VitalityHealth CEO Neville Koopowitz said there is growing evidence that companies which invest in the health and wellbeing of their staff see greater productivity returns.

Koopowitz said: "We understand that one of the key barriers for small businesses to invest in private healthcare for their employees is the cost.

"At Vitality our philosophy is to remove or reduce the barriers to getting healthy and we’ve applied that thinking to our new Healthy Business Discount proposition.

"By thinking differently we can now offer discounts that wouldn’t have been available through traditional underwriting practices and at the same time deliver holistic healthcare and wellness solutions to more of Britain’s small businesses."