Vericred, a US-based data services platform for digital distribution of health insurance and employee benefits, ha rolled out ‘Disruption Analysis API’ for health and dental insurance networks.

Using Vericred’s new API, the insurtech firms, including online insurance marketplaces and quoting platforms, can develop decision support tools for their users – mainly brokers and employers.

The tool will let brokers and employers of insurtech firms to assess what percentage of an employee population would be affected, positively or adversely, by moving health or dental insurance networks.

Vericred Analysis API make disruption analysis far more streamlined and automated compared to traditional process.

Vericred co-founder and CEO Michael Levin said: “Traditionally, it’s been expensive, time-consuming and labor-intensive for brokers and employers to examine how switching to a new insurance plan would disrupt members’ in-network access to their preferred doctors and dentists.

“Using our new Disruption Analysis API, insurtech companies can effortlessly bring to their customers features that are imperative in today’s complex insurance market.”

The Disruption Analysis API joins Overlap Analysis and Shop-by-Doctor as the third component of Vericred’s suite of provider-network solutions.