New Zealand based life insurer Pinnacle Life has launched a new ‘add on’ feature to its life insurance policies, which allows policy holders to increase their accidental death coverage by 50% with a 20% increase in their current premiums.

The new feature introduced by Pinnacle Life provides dependents of policy holders with the financial assurance in the case of an untimely accidental death.

The company said that having sufficient accidental death coverage can provide them with the financial assurance they are going to need during the difficult days following an unexpected death.

The new ‘tick box’ marks as the company’s second add on feature, which was introduced in 2010 for clients to receive an early payment of 25% of their life cover in case of a serious illness.

Pinnacle Life has begun offering fully underwritten life insurance products online, directly to consumers, in 2007 to help clients to easily buy insurance policies.