Now Health International Group, a provider of international private medical insurance (IPMI), has launched a new digital product to serve the next-generation of expatriates.

Dubbed SimpleCare, the new offering has been specifically designed to meet the needs of younger expats who demand international health insurance at less cost.

The product offers coverage for a range of health issues such as hospitalisation, surgery, cancer treatment, evacuation and repatriation.

Customers can opt for low or medium coverage for out-patient treatment such as physiotherapy, dental and medication.

Moreover, SimpleCare offers eight varied levels of annual deductible for in, day and out-patient treatment.

Customers in certain countries can also gain access to default regional geographical restrictions. This feature is said to be useful for customers who demand quality medical facilities but do not require worldwide coverage.

Now Health International Group executive chairman Martin Garcia said: “SimpleCare is designed to meet the needs of a new generation of expat – the growing numbers of younger people moving abroad, most of which end up on local employment contracts.

“We set out to create an international health insurance solution which caters to these cost-conscious, digitally literate expats while still providing them with access to world-class medical facilities and the high standard of service that Now Health International is known for.”

The new proposition will be initially rolled out in Europe, Africa, Hong Kong and Singapore. Plans are on to launch the product in other Asian markets and the Middle East in the coming months.