US-based cybersecurity firm Blue Team Alpha has formed a new strategic partnership with British digital risk insurance company Node International.

Through this collaboration, the two companies intend to strengthen cyber defences and insurance coverage to address the requirements of their clients in an ever-changing digital landscape.

The companies will work together to provide an integrated shield to clients for countering cyber threats by merging cybersecurity solutions with insurance solutions.

The partnership will leverage Blue Team Alpha’s experience and expertise in providing cybersecurity solutions.

It will also leverage Node International’s holistic insurance approach, including its distinctive ability to identify comprehensive prevention and detection strategies.

When combined, the expertise of both companies is expected to deliver multi-dimensional defence strategies, from incident management to proactive defence, to safeguard clients.

Blue Team Alpha president Shawn Whiteside said: “By partnering with Node International, we are not only enhancing our capabilities but also reshaping the cybersecurity and insurance landscape.

“Together, we are empowered to redefine excellence in both cybersecurity protection and insurance coverage.”

Blue Team Alpha specialises in providing advisory, offensive, technical and incident response cybersecurity services to customers.

Node International specialises in identifying holistic approaches to deliver protection, detection and insurance solutions to its clients.