Manulife Singapore has formed a remodel of its proprietary agency channel, Manulife Advisory Group, to provide customers access to a range of offerings.

Manulife Advisory Grou, which will operate under an open architecture system, is expected to boost larger insurance penetration and ramp up the rate of financial inclusion in Singapore.

As the company collaborates with several insurers and investment platforms, customers will be offered a range of insurance solutions and investment products including the company’s signature products such as LifeReady Plus and InvestReady Wealth, in addition to a series of new products in the pipeline.

Manulife Singapore trains agents to adeptly service customers and showcase corporate values in outreach efforts, it said.

To further ensure quality customer advice and service, all representatives under Manulife Advisory Group are accredited under the Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore’s Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS).

The initiative was started this year as part of the company’s in-house agency onboarding programme.

Manulife Singapore chief financial advisory officer Jenny Teo said: “Our goal at Manulife Singapore is to consistently improve our offerings to continue exceeding the high expectations our customers have set for us. This is both in terms of the solutions that we offer and the way in which we deliver them.

“We see this transformative undertaking as a timely way to ensure we continue to serve customers in the best way that we can, not just through an extensive range of bespoke solutions, but also with highly-trained advisors whose priority will be to safeguard their ever-evolving needs and wants through the seasons.”