Filipino life insurance company Insular Life (InLife) has entered into a partnership with software company OutSystems.

The collaboration will enable InLife to leverage Outsystems low-code platform to expedite the delivery of enterprise-grade digital solutions.

The move is expected to enable the insurer in developing digital applications for several physical processes to benefit its clients amid pandemic restrictions.

These include an e-licencing application among others.

Additionally, the use of OutSystems platform has enabled the delivery of a client suitability assessment that digitalises the old paper-based KYC (know your customer) process.

InLife also launched a new cross-platform and mobile-friendly customer portal last month leveraging OutSystems low-code platform.

OutSystems APAC vice-president Mark Weaser said: “OutSystems is proud to have supported InLife in their digital transformation journey.

“While the pandemic has forced many insurers to adapt, it has brought new opportunities to those able to respond quickly to changing market demands. As a leading low-code platform in the region, we have always helped our customers innovate quickly while ensuring the scalability, reliability, and security of their applications.

“We sincerely congratulate InLife on their achievements and look forward to helping more customers like InLife navigate digital transformation in the post-pandemic era.”

InLife chief technology officer Gwendolyn Kelley said: “Digital transformation has always been a priority at InLife, where we champion the agile scrum approach to harness greater collaboration between business and IT teams.

“This approach also paved the way to obtaining buy-in for the use of the OutSystems platform to digitalise our processes with a faster, modern approach to application development at a time when every organisation faces a developer talent crunch.”