Trak Global Group (TGG) subsidiary Insurance & Mobility Solutions (IMS) is set to join forces with conversational AI platform provider SmarTek21.

This partnership will allow IMS to integrate SmarTek21’s SmartBotHub Conversational AI platform within the UK-based digital insurance business Carrot, owned by IMS parent company TGG.

Additionally, it will enable the chatbot technology to be tested live in market before IMS officially launches it to insurers as a module within the Carrot UBI platform.

Since last year, Carrot has been scaling the provision of alternatives to voice-driven communications to streamline its UK customers’ digital experience.

SmartBotHub was used in Carrot’s existing webchat platform to handle 100% of all chats that could be initially handled by a bot.

The company noted that early results from this deployment indicate that not just initial interactions are being handled by bots, but almost 40% of customer query chats are managed by the bot from start to finish.

This has offered considerable productivity gains and customer satisfaction by bringing down the average chat time by 2.5 minutes per chat.

Trak Global Group chief marketing officer Andrew Brown-Allan said: “We believe that delivering high quality, end-to-end digital customer experience is a critical success factor for any connected auto insurance proposition.

“The integration of SmarTek21 as a digital delivery partner within the Carrot modular UBI platform is already returning significant benefits for our direct-to-consumer business in the UK.”

SmartBotHub enable customised and personalised customer experiences by offering features for creating digital conversation experiences. It is claimed to increase efficacy and triaging of customer requests and minimise support costs with intuitive self-service tools.