Insurtech GUARDHOG has launched SUPERHOG, a trust and safety platform for the global home-sharing community.

SUPERHOG is a “trust tribe” comprised of verified and endorsed home-sharers across multiple platforms across the globe. The solution was created to provide better trust and transparency tools to the home-sharing community and halt the growing number of issues between hosts and guests.

The technology behind SUPERHOG enables members to demonstrate trustworthiness by securely sharing their profiles, experience and reviews across multiple platforms.

In addition, members will be protected by SUPERHOG’s £1m ($1.29m) SUPERGUARANTEE. This protects against guest damage, legal liability and also travel mishaps. Furthermore, there is a £1,000 virtual deposit to use against bookings anywhere in the world. SUPERHOG is easily integrated into the booking process and flags up any guests with a history of damage or poor reviews. Guests can also book feeling safe that they know who their host is and they are protects from fraud or misrepresentation.

Co-founder Humphrey Bowles said: “Our mission is to show our members who they are dealing with, predict and spot bad actors, and prevent home-sharing mishaps. And we’re so confident that we know what we’re doing that we back-up our services with a £1m SUPERGUARANTEE. Combining prediction, prevention and protection on a global basis is a world first and a massive development for the whole home-sharing community; we can guarantee the positive outcome of a home-share anywhere in the world, between hosts and guests of all nationalities.

“SUPERHOG is ringing the ‘death bell’ for insurance. This approach totally disrupts traditional insurance models and offers an all-round better customer experience, by avoiding the need for a clean-up in the first place. It’s game-changing and will play a huge role in the continued growth of the home-sharing sector”.

GUARDHOG recently launched GUESTOVER, protection insurance for those booking properties through sites like Airbnb.

GUESTCOVER provides insurance throughout a guest’s stay with benefits such as alternative accommodation and safe transport. For £15-20 per booking, the product provides protection for guests during their stay. It covers a multitude of issues such as home misrepresentation to fraud.