American insurance brokerage firm Frank Medina has unveiled a new online tool that enables consumers to search for insurance agents in their area.

Dubbed Insurance Agent Near Me, the new online tool is available free of cost.

Frank Medina said that it recognised a crucial gap in the way consumers used to search and select insurance agents. Hence, it developed a tool that would make agent searching hassle-free process.

The tool displays a list of all the major insurance products which are being searched online every day. After that, it suggests customers about the agents based on their proximity and relevance to the customer’s search terms.

In order to determine the nearby agents, the “Insurance Agent Near Me” uses a search algorithm based on users’ current IP address.

Tool developer Frank Medina said: “We wanted to do something that addresses the challenges that customers face in finding local insurance agents.

“With a lot of insurance services moving online, over 70% of customers search online when trying to find insurance products.

“However, because most customers lack the time or expertise to study the different types of insurance policies available and decide exactly what they need, they still rely heavily on insurance agents for advice and guidance. The problem arises when they need to decide who is the right agent.”

Medina further said that a Google search for “insurance agent near me” usually gives more than 400 million results that could be frustrating for customers who are looking for truly local agents.