Exide Life Insurance Company has rolled out its latest unit linked life insurance plan, designed to maximize wealth creation for the insured.

Dubbed as Exide Life Wealth Maxima, the new life insurance policy also provides the unique option to increase life cover at different life stages.

Exide Life Insurance Company chief distribution officer Rahul Agarwal said: "I am pleased to announce the launch of Exide Life Wealth Maxima that aims to help Indians tap the wealth creation opportunity in Indian capital markets over the long term.

"We advise our customers that in order to benefit from ULIPS, they must invest systematically and stay invested for the long term. Exide Life Wealth Maxima packs many features and benefits in a single plan.

"This allows customers to make the right decisions in line with their life stage needs and risk appetite. The plan also allows them to switch to another plan option in line with evolving protection needs."

The insurance product is available in three variants to suit life stage needs that includes Maxima Invest, Maxima Family, Maxima Child.

Additionally, the product gives three optional investment strategies to assist in maximizing wealth creation potential, depending on the risk appetite and provides flexibility for investing additional amounts, switching between six different funds and withdrawing money as well.