EverQuote, a US-based online insurance marketplace, has added health insurance and renters insurance products under its marketplace.

The company said that it will continue using data and technology so that the buyers can find the insurance plans to meet their needs.

It further added that the company offers insurance plans for all from first-time renters to baby boomers eligible for Medicare.

Health insurance marketplace managed by EverQuote enables users to navigate the complicated process of purchasing a non-employer provided health or Medicare plan by connecting them to the right insurers through online or offline options.

EverQuote’s marketplace for renters insurance

EverQuote’s renters insurance marketplace allows shoppers find options, connect with insurers, and save money on renters insurance.

As per consumer surveys, drivers who bought a new auto insurance plan via EverQuote saved an average of $610 per annum.

EverQuote CEO and co-founder Seth Birnbaum said: “We are excited to launch the health and renters insurance verticals as we continue to play a growing role in empowering consumers to better protect life’s most important assets, and the inclusion of health and renters insurance are both natural extensions of our insurance marketplace for consumers and providers.”