EquiTrust Life, a North American life and health insurance company, has selected Sapiens International’s suite of e-application, illustration and digital solutions to offer its agents next generation customer acquisition and service capabilities.

Sapiens International is a provider of software solutions for the insurance industry.

Sapiens’ solutions IllustrationPro, ApplicationPro and DigitalSuite will support EquiTrust Life’s important product offerings by providing comprehensive, new business illustrations with improved solutions for scenarios that are complex and with the ability to do split second calculations.

They also enable an interactive experience to cut down re-keying, thereby leading to fewer errors, quicker time to decision and better engagement.

Due to the intuitive, device-agnostic user engagement with flexible branding and integrations, Sapiens’ solutions are expected to improve EquiTrust Life’s partner experience.

EquiTrust Life vice president for information systems Carol Woodruff said: “We were looking for one vendor to drive our digital transformation and accelerate innovation within our agent sales process. Innovation is a key pillar within EquiTrust Life, and we felt that Sapiens’ digital tools would enable innovation much faster than any other competitor, while providing us industry insights and best practices.

 “We administer financial products for retirees, and Sapiens’ solution delivers a superior agent experience to market complex financial products that help protect our growing senior population.”

Sapiens North America president and general manager Jamie Yoder said: “We are very excited to partner with EquiTrust Life on their digital transformation journey.

“Sapiens not only provides a wide array of best-of-breed solutions, but we also truly understand our customers’ operational goals and are committed to delivering best-in-class solutions, seamlessly to drive growth and deliver value. 

A cloud-first, point-of-sale illustration and quoting solution, Sapiens IllustrationPro for Life & Annuities  is claimed to provide a completely responsive, modern, intuitive user experience for the life and annuities and health markets.

Sapiens ApplicationPro helps carriers address important business drivers, such as reducing time–to–issue and policy acquisition costs.

Sapiens DigitalSuite provides a digital engagement and enablement platform for insurers to offer a unified, omni-channel experience.

This component-based flexible platform can be leveraged either along with Sapiens’ core solutions or on top of other non-Sapiens solutions.