Five examples of ‘exceptional’ best practice have been showcased to attendees at the inaugural Rendez-Vous Riviera 2015 life and health reinsurance conference in Nice, France.

Claude Chevre, a member of Hannover Re’s executive board for life and health, highlighted the following companies for distributing life insurance in an exceptional way:
– Different Life in South Africa
– Advance Create in Japan
– U for Life in Malaysia
– Seguros Azteca in Malaysia
– Discovery in South Africa

In the case of Different Life, for example, Chevre said even the colours on its website are not the typical colours used by insurance players.

Different Life is underwritten by Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer and it stresses that its products are simple, flexible, transparent and understandable.

It also positions itself as allowing policyholders to become instant philanthropists. By taking out an insurance policy with Different Life, the provider enables clients to contribute to a deserving cause. Every year, it says it facilitates the donation of a client’s first premium of every year to a project on

Different Life then sends clients regular updates to inform them how their contributions are impacting lives

Chevre highlighted these updates as allowing the provider to have an ongoing relationship with its customers.

Elsewhere, Chevre cited Seguros Azteca in Mexico, which began operations in 2004, as innovative because it allows people to buy life insurance in electrical appliance shops. Seguros Azteca positions itself as attending to a population segment that has been ignored by the insurance industry.

Chevre also highlighted Malaysian online life insurance platform U for Life, which Hannover Re is the principal shareholder of. U for Life aims to simplify the purchase of life insurance and make it low cost.

Summing up his presentation, Chevre said each of the five companies he highlighted have in common the fact they have made major technological investments. He commented: "You must not forget to invest in technology."

In addition, he said the CEOs of the companies cited are passionate and have tremendous conviction.

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