British specialist re/insurer Beazley has added a number of features to its environmental liability insurance policy Eclipse to provide strong and creative risk transfer solutions for businesses, landowners and real estate investors.

Together with risk management services, Eclipse offers environmental liability and pollution clean-up insurance, aimed at controlling pollution risks related with transactional and operational hazards, transportation, waste disposal and other associated exposures.

Now, Beazley has expanded the coverage to include blanket pollution liability protection for non-owned locations and warehouses and distribution chains.

Eclipse also offers standard coverage for costs associated with business interruption and crisis response including fees for public relations support, medical and funeral expenses, psychological counselling, travel or temporary living expenses as well as security expenses.

Beazley environmental focus group leader Jayne Cunningham said: “We have enhanced our flagship environmental liability solution Eclipse to offer richer coverage and stronger support to businesses, landowners and commercial property investors in the event of an emergency.

“As well as risk transfer, we want our clients to be able to access the resources they need to deal with a potential crisis associated with the discovery of contamination linked to their site.”

The expansion of Eclipse follows the roll out of its site lender environmental asset protection (SLEAP) cover in February.