AXA Partners has announced a new deal with mobile phone and gadget insurer Bastion.

The deal is multi-year and sees AXA Partners offering comprehensive mobile phone coverage to the entirety of Bastion’s customer base. The cover includes accidental damage, theft, and also loss.

This is building on its existing presence in the field, having made its first entry in Ireland and the UK’s mobile insurance market earlier in 2019 with a partnership with Pier Insurance.

Gary Vincent, sales director at AXA Partners, said: “We’ve seen the way that the mobile phone market has changed in recent years, becoming a vital part of every day life. Our core capability is delivering assistance when things go wrong; be that around the home, whilst on the road or going about the day to day. A major part of today’s lifestyle is being able to use various devices, which are there to make things easy, quick and accessible.

“AXA Partners also believes in providing a quick, easy and accessible service, and by working with new partners in the mobile & gadget arena, we are able to offer a greater choice of protection. At the same time, we are also perfectly positioned to offer our partners a range of additional services from the AXA Partners portfolio, all of which can help make their customers’ lives easier.”

Amanda Kerry-Wallington, managing director at Bastion, commented: “We wanted a partnership that would help us grow, while still putting the customer first. AXA Partners’ ethos aligned with our own, helping us to stand out in a competitive market, but with the key objective of providing a high standard of service.

“Working with a trusted, global provider, demonstrates our commitment to our customers; putting their needs at the forefront of everything we do. We look forward to growing our partnership over the coming months and years, seeing how we can add further value to our customers, and benefiting from the wealth of expertise that our new partner provides.”