French insurance major AXA has launched new artificial intelligence-(AI-)-powered bots to help its customer property claims, commercial property and liability teams in their administrative work.

The three bots include Harry, Bert and Lenny. The insurer said that the bots will save over 18,000 hours of repetitive work each year, and do not mean job losses as they work alongside its employees.

As a result, the employees are able to focus on tasks that are more analytical in nature, according to AXA.

Harry was introduced in June last year while Bert and Lenny joined him at the end of the year. A fourth bot known as Como is soon to be launched.

Harry helps the customer property claims team whereas Bert and Lenny assist the commercial property and liability units, respectively.

Harry can complete a typical task in less than 42 seconds that usually takes an employee around four minutes, according to AXA.

AXA UK executive managing director of claims Waseem Malik said: “We are delighted to welcome Harry, Bert, and Lenny to our admin teams and are pleased that their hard work is freeing up our human workforce to tackle more interesting, analytical tasks.

“The bots have been warmly received by their new colleagues and we are already looking at new tasks for them to take on, as well as other areas of the business where we might employ similar AI.”

Harry, Bert and Lenny are expected to complete more administrative tasks throughout 2019 as they continue to learn new things.