Amil, the Brazilian arm of UnitedHealth Group, is reviewing the divesture of local health plan operator APS, Reuters has reported.

The news comes after the country’s health insurance regulator, the National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS), decided to block the deal.

As per the regulator, on 2 January 2022, APS offered health insurance to 330,000 clients in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Paraná.

UnitedHealth confirmed that APS will remain part of the company as required by ANS and all the health plans will remain “strictly the same”.

It added that through the revision of the deal it seeks to answer the questions raised by the regulator.

Earlier this week, ANS summoned the representatives of Amil Group for clarification after local media reports remerged about the sale of APS to a group comprising Fiord Capital, Seferin & Coelho and HVK for $572.49m.

During the meeting, Amil was quizzed “about the acquisition of control of APS; the financial capacity of the new partners to guarantee the operator’s sustainability and the value involved in the operation.”

Following the meeting, the watchdog decided to block the transaction, citing “no satisfactory answers” from Amil.

At the time, ANS director-president Paulo Rebello said: “Our biggest concern is with the consumer. Under no circumstances can there be any interruption in the provision of assistance to beneficiaries of the APS portfolio, especially to those who are in hospital or in continued treatment.”