Allianz Worldwide Care, an Ireland-based health and life insurer, has released its security and risk management services for multinational companies that operate in high-risk or unstable areas.

The new services comprises a number of tools that provides detailed country risk assessments, pinpoint the geographic location of employees during a crisis. It also organizes ‘meet and greet’ and ‘check-in’ security services when travelling in high-risk locations, and offer detailed cultural awareness programs.

Allianz Worldwide Care director of sales and marketing Alexis Obligi said: "These services are designed to meet the needs of global organizations for whom it’s impossible to predict when and where a crisis might occur.

"With the ever-present threat of natural disaster, civil unrest or terrorist activity, real-time information about potential risks has never been more important. Our service enhancements are designed to give our clients a comprehensive range of solutions to ensure the safety and well-being of their workers."

In partnership with crisis and risk management red24, Allianz delivers clients access to a global network of expert security specialists, providing real-time destination risk reports and analysis.

This offers organizations a comprehensive overview of the security risks involved when moving or travelling to potentially volatile locations, with full support from a 24/7 emergency assistance team.

Allianz said that its corporate assistance services are supported by multi-lingual, 24/7 emergency support and on-the-ground assistance.