Allianz Insurance has joined forces with Plastic Surgeon to bring-about targeted repairs for sustainability improvements and decreased materials wastage.

The company noted that more than a quarter of a tonne has been saved from landfill since the start of the project.

With the help of a personalised reporting platform, brokers and customers can track repairs online. The claims will be reported to Plastic Surgeon who will be responsible for contacting the client within four hours of instruction.

This method is expected to accelerate the claims lifecycle by 80%.

The partnership will work on surface repairs, common types of which are damaged wooden surfaces and cracked tiles, among others.

Additionally, Plastic Surgeon collaborated with Allianz’s panel of loss adjusters regarding large claims such as water escape and fire damage.

The method prioritises ‘repair first’, where immediate advice is given regarding materials that be repaired before the start of any work.

Allianz Insurance head of supply and experts Graham Stait said: “Sustainability is a key focus for our business and I’m really pleased that this partnership aligns with our company objectives by providing a more environmentally-friendly solution which wastes fewer materials.

“We have extended this partnership across Casualty, Commercial property and Household claims and will be closely monitoring the progress to see if it can be rolled out to other parts of the business.”

Earlier this month, Allianz received the regulatory approval for the operation of a fully-owned insurance holding company in China.