American International Group (AIG) has started a new initiative to expand access to life insurance for Chinese-American consumers in the US.

The global insurer, which drew a blueprint of transformative growth strategy, has hired hundreds of life insurance agents to fulfill the requirements of Chinese-Americans.

AIG Financial Distributors life insurance executive vice president and chief distribution officer John Deremo said: "The expansion of our presence in the Chinese-American market in the U.S. encompasses a broad range of initiatives.

"The Chinese-American market has proven to be an exciting area of growth for AIG Financial Network and AIG Partners Group, two of our key distribution channels."

Leveraging its research report which points out that Chinese consumers value permanent life insurance, AIG presented its Quality of Life … Insurance product suite, designed to address multiple consumer needs.

The life insurance company said that it is also making tactical investments to serve this community better than ever before.

"Later this summer, we will announce the opening of our prototype AIG Financial Network office that is specifically designed in consideration of the Chinese-American consumer," Deremo added.

"This office, which will be in Pasadena, California, will feature a tea room with round tables for conversation, Asian photography, and Chinese signage."