AIG Life has created a fictitious family called the Spencer family to help financial advisers “bring to life” how its products and services can help them in a tangible way.

The Spencer Family consists of 33 members, spanning four generations or 1,219 years’ worth of lives, to demonstrate how 30 propositions from AIG can help families facing different economical and medical situations.

Areas that will be highlighted, but not limited to include:

·         Using trusts and protecting assets

·         Health and wellbeing and medical conditions

·         Travel and leisure

AIG Life has given the Spencers a dedicated web space that will be regularly updated with new material

In a blog on its website, AIG Life said: “Our aim is to make the Spencers relatable. They help you to explain how our ‘shop window’ of propositions really do suit all needs and circumstances and, somewhere in there, are a family just like your clients.”