ExtraHop, a US-based analytics solution provider for security and performance management, has secured a contract from an undisclosed major North American life insurer to strengthen their cybersecurity.

Under the agreement, the life insurer will use ExtraHop’s network security analytics product Reveal(x) as the basis of its next-generation security operations center (SOC).

Leveraging Reveal(x), the insurer will be able to see into all east-west traffic, including encrypted traffic, in real time, which will improve their security visibility by about 75% and eliminating blind spots left by traditional security monitoring tools.

The new solution will also allow the underwriter to detect behavioural risk from emerging threats, minimize their attack surface, as well as zero in on emerging threats and suspicious attack activities.

Besides automating investigation, ExtraHop Reveal(x) will also help the insurer strengthen its defence-in-depth strategy by better auditing firewall and Network Access Control (NAC) rules for better enforcement around ingress and egress traffic from specific countries.

ExtraHop chief customer officer and co-founder Raja Mukerji said: “Insurance companies represent high-value targets for attackers. Consumer information is representative of currency in today’s information age, not to speak of actual cash flow.

“With the logistical challenges of distributed enterprises and thin margins for fair pricing, there are extremely high expectations for service delivery.

“We’re proud to partner with our customers in the insurance vertical to provide deep, actionable intelligence into applications and activities that reduce incidents, expedite forensic investigations, and prevent security breaches easily and cost-effectively.”