DreamQuark is a young French startup, founded in late March 2014. This company is a follow-up of the PhD work of Nicolas Meric the founder and CEO, in machine-learning and big data, which are part of its core skill set.

DreamQuark and its talented team of data scientists all with PhDs in physics from the best research laboratories in France are pushing the current limits in machine-learning and big data

What challenges are insurance and bank sectors facing?

Insurance and bank sectors are currently facing the real challenge to create a higher value out of the big data they have accumulated.

This is even more challenging as this volume of data is continuously growing. Therefore, analysis of this data with more advanced solutions based on deep-learning technologies could be a real opportunity to improve and transform the way insurance and banks manage and create value from their data.

What is deep-learning?

The company has built its strategy around its core expertise in the newly emerging field of deep-learning, a new field in artificial intelligence, and currently the most active research field in machine-learning. This revolution opens a space for new business solutions.

Our main mission is to reinvent how bank and insurance professionals analyse large volumes of structured and unstructured data to create higher value. The technologies that address these issues are then made to be used by anyone, not just developers and experts.

Deep-learning technologies are literally revolutionising the way the data is analysed and accelerate the development of new services around structured data, images, voice or text. This is a major growth opportunity for the insurance and bank. We have developed a platform, called ‘Brain’, to offer the opportunity to major insurance and bank companies to take advantage of the precision of these new algorithms, while relying on a secure infrastructure specially designed for bank and insurance.

Company value proposition

Brain is our platform developed from the minds of particle physicists. The deep-learning solution crunches structured and unstructured data for underwriting, fraud, churn, marketing, sales or capital markets.

Brain enables financial services data analysts with business skills, rather than data science skills, to quickly iterate and crack data use cases.

With Brain’s tools, we finally explain all aspect of the decision and modeling up to the individual level. With this, our model can be easily used by financial services (our focus are financial services and insurances) and they do not need to choose between speed, precision, and explanation.

DreamQuark counts among its clients the major players of the bank and the insurance BNP Paribas and AG2R la Mondiale.

About Nicolas Meric CEO and founder of Dreamquark

During his PhD in particle physics, Nicolas developed the idea of DreamQuark. He envisioned that health, insurance and bank would benefit from the development of the newly emerging field of deep-learning.

With this idea in mind, he developed DreamQuark, the first company in the world to work on these technologies for these sectors. He wants to develop a leader in artificial intelligence and provide cheap but more efficient diagnosis solutions and transform the sector of insurance as a whole.

He is surrounded by a team of some of the brightest individuals who have since developed algorithms that are amongst the best in the market. The team is looking to transform how we develop the field of artificial intelligence on an industrial-scale.

Regularly speaking around these subjects, Nicolas is driven by a will to develop efficient and secure solutions that can dramatically improve lives and change healthcare, insurance and bank sector forever.