Comarch Financial Services provides advanced IT solutions for financial services organisations, as well as investment and pension funds.

Our greatest achievement is maintaining a satisfied client-base in more than 30 countries around the world. Since we were established, it has been our main objective to enable businesses to optimise their profitability.

The solutions we provide for the financial market are typified by high-quality, high-performance and considerable flexibility. Our wide product portfolio allows for the precise selection of software that meets clients’ expectations, preferences, and capabilities.

Comarch Insurance Solutions

The combination of our extensive familiarity with clients’ objectives, with industry trends and technologies, we can efficiently optimise specific business areas of any financial organisation by delivering precise, customisable tools.

Solutions cover insurance processes throughout the whole value chain and are targeted for both internal and external users within multiple activity areas.

We are aware that usability of everyday operations is crucial for end-users, thus we focus on the look and feel of business solutions at both the design and implementation stage.

Our software solutions have been designed to manage the complete spectrum of insurance, including life, property, and casualty, providing support for all insurer’s activities including the work of sales force and client’s service.

Key insurance products

Comarch Digital Insurance

Comarch Digital Insurance software uses the latest technologies to ensure a user-friendly operation, supporting both the sales force and customers. The front-office solution delivers an omnichannel experience for customers through digitising the sales and service process.

From one platform, Comarch Digital Insurance is able to serve agents, brokers, and intermediaries. It helps them not only advise on and sell insurance products but also provide post-sales support, manage tasks and monitor business performance. In addition, the solution enables for policies to be purchased online by individual insurance customers and their insurance product portfolio to be managed.

Comarch Commission & Incentive

Comarch Commission & Incentive is a solution providing end-to-end support for sales network management, incentive compensation calculations and settlements, sales network training register, document generation and reporting. It is designed for insurance companies, banks and other organisations whose operation requires efficient management of the advanced sales network and complex compensation plans.

Financial software specialists

Founded in 1993 in Kraków, Poland, Comarch prides itself on being one of the leading software houses in Europe with over 5,500 employees worldwide and more than 3,000 successful projects carried out for major global brands.

With more than two decades years’ industry experience, Comarch Financial Services specialises in developing state-of-the-art software and IT solutions for major global financial institutions.

The Financial Services sector developed through collaborations with clients and institutions its specialist systems were built for, starting from projects in Poland and ending with international delivery. It is a story of considerable undertaking and brave choices. However, it is mainly about the people with a desire to succeed and set new industry benchmarks that are ultimately responsible for establishing the strong position Comarch holds in today’s financial industry.

Comarch Financial Services is a business sector within the Comarch Capital Group.