Health insurance firm Oscar has launched the first testing centre locator for COVID-19 for the general public. There are currently more than 100 centres in the US, with more testing centres being added every day.

The testing locator is Oscar’s latest tool to respond to member needs as the outbreak develops. In addition, the tool is also built on the insurer’s at-home risk assessment survey, which was launched this week.

The first step to coronavirus planning on the tech platform begins with taking Oscar’s risk assessment survey. Here, the tool assesses your risk of contracting COVID-19.

Second is finding a test centre. If your assessment recommends you to get tested, you will get directed to a testing centre. Also, cost-sharing for testing is waived for all members.

The third step includes following your assessment recommendations. Your personalised guide gives recommendations on how you can reduce contracting coronavirus based on you location, age and whether you have any pre-existing medical conditions.

Lastly, the tools discusses your personalised results with a telemedicine doctor. The telemedicine solution is offered at $0 for members of COVID-19 treatment. Members can discuss symptoms, risks, prescriptions and more with a doctor on call.

The new testing centre locator is based on information collected from Oscar’s provider partners, which is updated daily as new testing locations are being made.

Oscar’s members are continuously updated through its COVID-19 resource centre, which administers the latest information and guidance on how to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.